Depending on what you are purchasing we can offer a few options, For most small or midsized lots we use Pack and Send plus in Waterbury VT, 802-560-4111 / 90% of our lots will immediately go to them (once we have clear payment) and they will make the all the relevant arrangements, to keep our operation flowing smoothly they will take your items as they are paid for. We find both of them to be efficient and competitive with others in our area for price. They have a convenient webform to ask for shipping estimates.

Pack &Send Plus

For furniture lots or larger lots we have had good luck with the following Shippers in no particular order.

Tim Terhune: 802-624-0032

Ken Arthur: 802-384-5090

Lynn Davis:315-287-0098

Outward Bound Courier – Alan & Ben Anderson – 413-854-3676

Wendy Buckus -Northwind Transport 603-491-5199

Scott Cousins: 978-491-9353

US & Beyond Shipping (Joseph)- 307-274-4634